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twilight, silver nebula, peppy
twilight, her daughter with flash sentry, her daughter with cheerilee
college days
mane 5/6 parents and a mane 1/6 relative

rd's parents are the youngest of parents next to twi's mom (windy whistles didn't get her cutiemark till after rainbow was born), flutter's mom was lead weatherpony of the campus for four years running, pinkie's mom went through a goth phase, rarity's mom was a cheerleader, twi's mom was pregnant with shining during college, aunt orange moved to manehattan after attending college there (aj's mom would've went away but her first priority was the farm and their elderly mother)
flash and pinkie
never been a fan of how the humans in mlp all have their skin brightened so much, so i decided to just use their pony colors as reference

and yeah, in my fancanon, pinkie would actually be the biggest of the mane six next to applejack (both as a human and pony) I just feel a character with as bombastic a attitude as hers would be as big as their personality, making her as tall and if not a little bigger than most stallions
golden siblings
Always working to make kion look less and less ridiculous, and the colors more and more like the first film if at all possible


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