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golden siblings
Always working to make kion look less and less ridiculous, and the colors more and more like the first film if at all possible
-Kiara's Guard-
sort of a continuation of… or the even older…, just to give some background on my headcanon of evil kion and the cub nupana

now that kion and his guard are out of the picture, kiara relies on a new cast of lions to serve as the kingdom's guards. Vitani's the bravest, Spotty's the keenest of sight, Dotty's the fastest, Chidi's the strongest and Nupana's the fiercest. Considering the guard consists of two cubs apart of Simba's pride and the other three the Outlands, they do tend to butt heads on what is right and wrong based on their backgrounds.

Vitani, the bravest guard, is normally overly cocky and sassy with other animals, no matter if they're enemies, allies or her fellow members of the guard. She is usually fighting about strategies with Spotty, thinking a direct attack or winging it is smarter because it wastes the least amount of time, or competing with Nupana on who's better at every little thing if they're not on good terms for the day.
Spotty, the keenest of sight, is much more stoic and cold than the others, too quick to snap at animals if their concerns interfere with the plans she's constructed. However, she does have a soft spot for her younger sister, Dotty, and enjoys being able to show off her smarts to the guard and other animals, even if they don't understand her complicated explanations for simple things.
Dotty, the fastest guard, is happily ignorant to a fault. During childhood in Zira's pride, she didn't really understand what was going on with the whole, kill Simba, take over the pridelands situation, all she knew was she and her sister had to fight and so she did as she was told. She's still the same, the guards can tell her to do anything and she won't think over the consequences of these actions, she'll just do as you say.
Chidi, the strongest guard, is just a big softy more than the ruthless grub killer he used to be when they were cubs. The title he was given after the previous guards' disbanding wrecked his confidence more so than it did the others, which can make lionguard-ing hard when he's too worried about breaking any bones when he has to push a boulder or has to stop a stampede.
Nupana, the fiercest guard and the leader, is a total asshole. Since he was a cub he was bitter about Kion choosing a bunch of lame animals over other cubs in the pride, and he didn't even care about the travesties Kion committed because he was too focused on the fact his betrayal meant Nupana's chance at glory. He has too much fun making fun of his fellow members of the guard and abusing his power, and it's a wonder his title hasn't been stripped from him yet.


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